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It all started in the 1980's. I was growing up in Sweden, within a very artistic family. In my life as far I've spent my free time on adventures.
After some years of secondary school, high school and college studies in International Sales & Marketing, I found myself in marketing.
I marketed one of the finest ice-cream brands in the world, manufactured by an American supersize company.
The love for the cold but oh so delicious treat took me round Scandinavia, spreading the word about pure cream & strawberries.

One day I got cold feet in the ice cream world. The streets of the northern country couldn't fix it. That was when I reached for heat,
which I found on the other side of the hemisphere. Australia. I flew down, traveling forward in time, to the city of my dreams - Sydney.
A fantastic journey arose. I finally had Graphic Design studies, mates and G'days on the map.

I've now become an artist on the paper, which always has been in my heart.
So here I am, creating my own cream and here I will place my very berries.

/ Alexandra Bergendahl

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